Expertise through Experience

Sector3 is an appraisal firm that provides inventory and M&E valuation and liquidation services for companies throughout the metals and chemicals supply chains.

Our clientele includes lending institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, private equity, mergers & acquisitions firms, and attorneys.

Sector3’s professionals come from the metals and chemicals industries. With trading, distribution and manufacturing business experience, and continued daily involvement in the markets, our appraisers and analysts provide real-life, not just theoretical, expertise. We can manage the largest of projects because our team has a thorough understanding of metals and chemicals pricing and markets, and a network of international contacts.

Collectively, Sector3’s appraisers and analysts have over 160 years of experience in the ferrous and nonferrous metals industries, enabling accurate interpretations of inventory data and market trends.


Inventory appraisals

Based on practical business and operational experience in metals and chemicals production, and a thorough knowledge of macro- and micro-economic factors that impact markets and prices, Sector3 provides a valuation that is relevant, accurate and useful.

Because markets always change, Sector3’s approach is never stagnant, and our valuations are never boilerplate. Our process includes:

  • Analysis of a company’s financial and inventory data
  • Physical on-site inspection of assets
  • Operation and management interviews
  • Insightful and in-depth market analysis
  • Reports and studies that conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

M&E appraisals

Sector3 offers appraisal and consulting services for machinery and equipment (M&E) used by ferrous, nonferrous and specialty metals companies, in addition to aggregates and mining companies and chemicals and plastics companies. Sector3 can provide an M&E appraisal as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with an inventory appraisal.

Collateral monitoring

An appraisal should not be a one-off transaction, and Sector3 is a partner in the collateral monitoring process. For our clients, regularly monitoring changes in collateral value can be daunting, particularly in commodities markets. Trade publications and sources for commodity values are often unreliable, outdated, or inapplicable, and can lead to misconception about market movements. Our team of experts works within the metals and chemicals markets daily and can assist in the collateral monitoring process.

As a service to our clients, we offer company- or market-specific valuation updates to keep clients aware of changes in the market and how those changes may directly affect their business. These updates are custom-tailored to our clients’ needs and range from high-level market discussion to detailed analysis of company performance metrics against general industry trends.

Newsletter and supplemental price information

Sector3 provides clients with weekly and monthly market overviews and price points for numerous products throughout the supply chains.

Inventory validations

Our inventory validations ensure the accuracy of inventory compositions and company records. Sector3 performs inventory validation and verification services on products that do not easily lend themselves to quantitative accounting, costing or chemistry measurements, such as scrap or chemical processor inventories.

Accurate validations are possible since our appraisers are versed in metallurgy and chemistry, and our analysts have intimate knowledge of accounting, auditing and costing methodologies within the metals and chemicals industries. Inventory validations are offered as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with an inventory appraisal.


Sector3 oversees liquidations and coordinates sales, administration and logistics.

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